If loving you is all I am,

then my name is Love.

My tears are kisses from my soul to you,

my pulse, my heart,

beats only for you.

My whispers,

only of your name,

my smile,

only you will gain.

All I am…is my love for you.

Written by Maria, 10/11/10



The sweet breath of my loves kiss stirs me from deep slumber.

The sound of my name in his whisper shoots straight through my heart.

The smile in his eyes gently teases; the heat of his body excites me.

The slow tender touch of his hand delights me.

I cannot resist….I am his.

My fatal beauty, your eyes kill me with a mere flutter.

Your warm soft lips slay me as a dagger.

I give myself openly to your mercy, surrendering in your sweet scent.

My addiction to you, my lover… has no end.

Written by Maria, 6th November 2010